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The Thinkers Community


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This is a community dedicated to the people that want to discuss theories, ideas, concepts, and any other debatable topics. Everyone is welcome to join. If you are part of this community, please follow these guidelines...

- Have reasoning behind your debate and/or opinion.
- Use references (and your own web page does NOT count as a reference if it's your opinion)
- "Because that's what I think" is not a good reason when trying to prove your point
- If you don't know what the person is saying, ask them what they mean, try to clear up any misunderstanding you have with their comment or post BEFORE you pass judgment or make a comment
- Personal attacks are not debate, although once one makes a personal attack towards someone, they have opened themselves to personal attacks against them
- Trolling is not debate, so if you have nothing better to do than troll, pick up a hobby, GET A JOB, etc.
- If you have a lot to say or are posting an image, please use an LJ-cut. If you don't know how, refer to the FAQ.
- No spamming.

If you have any questions regarding this community, please contact mikeworley by either posting in his journal or e-mailing him at his e-mail address. Thank you.